Frequently Asked Questions

This space is reserved for frequent questions about the Verge project. For documentation or technical details, please switch to the Knowledge Base section.

What is Verge?

Quite simply, Verge is a currency. You can get started by reading our comprehensive blackpaper, and visiting our main website.

How long has Verge been around?

Verge was born in 2014 under the name DogeCoinDark. It was a reference to the meme currency DogeCoin, plus the privacy side, which was denoted by “Dark”. It rebranded in 2016 as “Verge” in an effort to get a simpler, snappier name.

Is Verge a DogeCoin fork?

No, it isn’t. Initially it was a fork from Peercoin/Bitcoin. Starting from v5, the Bitcoin 0.17 codebase has been entirely forked and adapted to Verge.

Was Verge pre-mined?

No, no pre-mining occurred on the Verge chain.

Was there an ICO?

No, Verge has never had and will never have an ICO. Occasionally, we’ve run some crowdfunding to allow Verge to reach some objectives. We’ve been doing this very rarely and carefully.

How is the team paid?

The team isn’t paid. Verge is entirely community and volunteer driven. Every team member works for Verge in their free time.
You can get more information about our amazing team on our main website.