Funds aren’t showing up

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There could be a few reasons why , so let’s start with:

  1. Are you on the latest release of the wallet?
    Latest Release Page
    You can check your current version by going to Help -> Debug in your current QT wallet

If you aren’t on the latest:
How do I upgrade?

  1. If you are on the latest – while you are on that Debug screen, check and make sure you are fully sync’d:
    a. Do you have “connections” ?
    b. Is the “Last Block Time” about the current day/time ?

If the answer to both of those is “no”, you are likely having Tor connection problems. Are you in a country that blocks Tor? Does your firewall block Tor? Do you have Tor running elsewhere?

  1. Do you have the right wallet.dat file in the right data directory?
    Windows Data Directory where your wallet.dat should be: C:\Users\xxYOUxx\AppData\Roaming\Verge
    Mac Data Directory where your wallet.dat should be: ~/Library/Application Support/VERGE
    a. Do you see your address in receiving addresses?
    b. If you go to help -> debug -> console , and type listaddressgroupings and/or listaccounts, do you see your address?
  2. Do the funds show on the blockchain?
    Verge BlockChain Explorer
    search for your address. Do you see the funds? Do you see the transaction? If you don’t — check with the source of the funds (Exchange, friend, wherever the coins are coming from). (Stealth aside) If you can’t find the transaction on the Verge BlockChain, the transaction didn’t even really happen yet.
  3. If 1-4 are good, then go to help -> debug -> console , and type scanforalltxns
    This process will take about 10-20 minutes to complete.
  4. Running Verge-QT with the -rescan option
    a. Browse over to where the verge-qt.exe is
    b. Right click on Verge-qt.exe and go to “Create Shortcut”
    c. Right click on the new shortcut that was created and go to Properties

d. Add -rescan at the END , after the double quotes. put 1 space after the last double quotes. IE: ” -rescan

Make sure you name the shortcut to something recognizable

d. Click “OK” or Apply”
e. Run your new shortcut
f. This will take a while, so make sure you either delete the shortcut, or name it something so you don’t accidentally click on it next time 🙂

If you are still having issues after this, you may need to post on a forum somewhere or a chat group for further assistance. Let them know you have tried all the steps on this Wiki!

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