Install and Configure your iOS Wallet

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This article will introduce you to the easiest wallet for the mobile industry to date.

First step, check out our wallet from the App Store. Too lazy to open it? Scan the QR Code below !

Once Installed, you’ll be greeted by our welcome screen. Click on “Create a new wallet” as shown here :

Next, you’ll be asked to set a new PIN. If you want to change the pin size (4, 6 or 8 digits), click on the settings icon on the top right part of the screen.

Once set, you’ll be asked to confirm it. Lastly, proceed :

After setting the pin, you will be asked to write down your paper key. This paper key is what allows Verge Wallet to recreate your public and private keys, along with a password you’ll have to set up later.

Once you’ve written it down, you’ll have to randomly rewrite two words to ensure you wrote it down correctly :

Now, it’s time to set a password, which, as said before, is part of the generation process of your keys, so it’s as much as important as the paper key to not lose it.

Finally, it’s time to activate Tor! Tor is totally optional, but recommended in order to protect your physical location while using the wallet.

Once done you’re all set! Your keys will be generated and in the meanwhile you’ll be able to read a couple of tips on using the wallet.

Remember to read and agree to the terms of use, to make sure you don’t miss something!

Once done, you can open your wallet and start receiving funds, let’s see how to achieve it!
I recommend activating Face ID to avoid using the PIN every time you want to make a transaction or just access your wallet.

Then, to get your first Verge address, go to the “Receive” window and you’ll be able to copy the address or share the image with its QR Code.

To copy the address, tap twice on it very quickly, To share the QR Code along with the wallet address, just tap on “share” :

And that’s it! Once you receive some funds, you’ll see an incoming transaction in the transactions window. You’ll also be able to see outgoing transactions.
Tap on a transaction to see the details :

Once you have some funds, you can send them with the Send window. You just have to set the destination address, as well as the amount :

Once clicked on Send XVG, your Verge will be sent to the destination address.

You can tune your application to follow your needs on the Settings tab. It’s worth spending some time there to make the right adjustments.
You might want to change the theme to a darker one, or change the default FIAT currency to €, $, £ or many others.

Last, but not least, the main Wallet window!
You can have a summary of your recent transactions, as well as Verge statistics, and a price history chart.

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