Use Tor in countries where it’s blocked

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If your country or ISP blocks Tor, please understand that these steps will teach you how to ‘get around’ the firewalls. These steps will allow your QT client to function using the Tor network, which ultimately means you could be breaking some laws in your jurisdiction.

  • Close down verge-qt if running
  • Create a file called torrc and put it in C:\Users\YOU\AppData\Roaming\VERGE\Tor. For Mac, the directory to use is ~/Library/Application Support/VERGE/Tor/
  • Find bridges to use, I used , it will give you 3 like this : 906A80FFA1558653CCDD18EF2B2B4B4FB2FC12C8 7EA650C7CD20527DBC5BA39E0EFECB9CC6FB561C B4AB17DADC1867D61F598658554A4DBEDFCD154

  • Edit torrc in notepad or something similar and put in the 3 lines from step 3. Add the words “Bridge” and “obfs4” just like below, and don’t forget UseBridges 1. Your torrc should be 4 lines and look like this:

Bridge obfs4 906A80FFA1558653CCDD18EF2B2B4B4FB2FC12C8
Bridge obfs4 7EA650C7CD20527DBC5BA39E0EFECB9CC6FB561C
Bridge obfs4 B4AB17DADC1867D61F598658554A4DBEDFCD1548
UseBridges 1

  • Run Verge-QT
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